Saint Luke’s University Health Network, one of the largest health systems in the Lehigh Valley, has grown steadily over the years. As such, it needed to impress upon its internal audience the full scope and capabilities of the network as a whole to improve the chances of each and every employee presenting the network in its most positive light to the public.


SGW Healthcare was asked to develop an internal campaign to increase awareness of what all network entities really are capable of. The idea was to encourage a “system mindset” versus one that is facility focused.


SGW Healthcare designed a series of internally-focused advertisements that were installed in employee gathering spaces, and areas where employee traffic was highest. The graphics were engaging, and in some cases, humorous while incorporating the surrounding infrastructure in the message. A video was also produced that showcased employees discussing why they are so committed to St. Luke’s and showcasing impressive St. Luke’s statistics.


Employee response was very positive, and management was pleased as well. In fact, management requested regular updates to the campaign, based on the excellent feedback they received.