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LifeBridge Health: Rebranding and Marketing


SGW was asked to develop a campaign to raise awareness of each of the entities in the LifeBridge Health system, while branding the system overall. The task was to give individual credence to each entity and its respective specialties, while at the same time, presenting them all as members of a powerful system that is far greater as a whole than the sum of their parts. The overall goal was to increase inpatient and outpatient business for the entities.


A campaign was developed that focused on the individual entities, tying them clearly back to LifeBridge Health. The messaging that was developed celebrated the individual entities that make up LifeBridge Health and gave each its own presence and personality while still paying homage to the overall LBH system.

The concept of “Who is LifeBridge Health?” was flipped 180 degrees. In 30 seconds, we needed to address who the facility/entity was. This approach hits head-on the virtues of each entity. Each script started with the facility name followed by “is…” For example: “Sinai Hospital is Maryland’s most comprehensive brain and spine program. Sinai Hospital is advanced research and innovation while touching individual lives…” The spot then ends by tying back to the System:

“Sinai Hospital is  LifeBridge Health”

For budget reasons, we repurposed TV footage that had previously been shot for other TV spots. Anything missing was covered with original photography or video. A total of five TV spots were produced. Radio spots were lifted from the TV audio, and print and digital rounded out the campaign.


The campaign was launched, and while the results are proprietary, reaction to the campaign was extremely positive throughout the community and among LifeBridge’s key stakeholders, in addition to staff and other employees. Research to measure awareness and consideration for each of the entities will be in the field shortly to quantify results.