DataMotion is a provider of secure data delivery solutions including; encrypted email, file transfer, forms processing and more. Its website has traditionally focused on several target verticals such as business, financial, public sector, and healthcare.

Given the significant growth DataMotion experienced in the healthcare space, the company decided to create a web presence dedicated specifically to healthcare, called DataMotion Health. With this new, vertically-focused site, the company would be able to more effectively showcase its unique value to the healthcare market.


Create a new website with specific messaging and SEO dedicated to the healthcare audience while maintaining all the services and solutions offered from the main site.

The site also needed to be programmed with an easy to use and robust Content Management System that would allow the client to make regular updates and integrate with the existing site.


SGW Healthcare created a new website that incorporated a visual thread to the old site, a new DataMotionHealth logo, and branding messages that instantly resonated with their audience. We also showcased products and services specific to the healthcare market, while incorporating advanced search capabilities.


A seamless and smooth transition from the original site was made while maintaining the corporate look, feel and services. In addition, targeted messaging complemented by eye-catching graphics and easy navigation accounted for a significant increase in website traffic.