Barnabas Health: Website Rebranding

Barnabas Health, one of the largest health systems in New Jersey, needed to update the look and feel of its website to more closely align with their current mission and scope. Over many years, the current site had become a patchwork of content and graphics as each internal service line and department had unique needs to be met and messages to communicate.


SGW Healthcare was awarded the opportunity to design and build out a new web site that would more accurately represent the system not only as it exists today, but what it would become in the future. Our challenge was to clearly represent the service lines that currently drive revenue, as well as portray Barnabas Health as a provider of wellness to the communities it serves.


SGW designed a new Barnabas Health website that was a complete departure from the previous site, incorporating engaging graphics and messaging that clearly positioned the competitive uniqueness of Barnabas Health. Given the scope of the system, advanced search capability was critical for ease of user experience. We were pleased to work with the in-house web development team at Barnabas to get the site up on time and on budget.


A seamless transition from the original site was made without a blink in service. In addition, now, several years later, the site has proven to be sustainable as more and more content has been added, while maintaining the clean look and feel. In addition, Barnabas Health received unprecedented positive responses from its external and internal audiences.